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I do have some helpful tips to share about how to remove old vinyl lettering off an RV, but first I have to mention why we might take the graphics off our mobile headquarters that have been advertising Team Agreda everywhere we’ve been over the past seven plus years…

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Don’t call it a Burger Feed!

In addition to the Gold Hill Steak Fry on Wednesday nights, guests at Vickers Ranch are treated to more great times with good friends and free food at the Friday night Burger Feed Guest Appreciation Dinner.

Workamping Job Cooking Burgers for Vickers Ranch Guests

The Vickers have been generously serving dinner to guests and homeowners at the ranch every Friday night, each summer, for longer than anyone can remember.

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It don’t get no better than this.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed dinner with the Vickers and friends atop Gold Hill will get the reference…

Larry Vickers says grace before dinner on Gold Hill

Truth be told, it really doesn’t get any better than enjoying great times and good eats with good friends in a beautiful place. And that’s exactly what you’ll get on Wednesday and Friday nights as a guest at Vickers Ranch.

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Life And Death On The Ranch

“Gruesome” is a poor choice of words, actually, at least for anyone actually interested in workamping on a ranch.

NOTE: My intention with this post is neither to be gratuitous nor grotesque. In fact, Rene spared us all by not taking any truly gruesome pictures.

I’m only sharing this to inform potential workampers that not all workamping jobs are alike, and that when ranch workamping you may be asked to do certain things you’d rather not.

dead horse disposal ranch workamping

The first time Rene wrote about life and death on the farm, we had nothing to do with the disposal of the dead livestock. This time was different.

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There is something deeply gratifying about doing real ranch work when workamping on a ranch.

Vickers Ranch Workamping Mending Fences

It sure beats fixing toilets! Though as a workamper at a working guest ranch, you will likely find that both need to be done on a regular basis! Read the rest of this entry »

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