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There is a vacancy at Vickers Ranch.

Lake City Ranch Flag Half Mast for Perk Vickers

I know I’m not the first to ever write a tribute to Perk Vickers, and certainly I won’t be the last. But I can honestly say, I am honored to have met such an honorable man. Read the rest of this entry »

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We’ve had our share of different workampng jobs over the years. Each one has offered it’s own unique RV site accommodations.

Colorado Guest Ranch Workamping Site

Colorado Guest Ranch Workamping Site

You may be wondering what type of campsites are provided for workampers. What kind of utilities and amenities are offered? Do they have full hookups? Well, I’m sure that all depends upon the job and location. We can only speak of our own experiences though, so I’ll share some scenes from our job sites for your consideration.

One of the few jobs we have not done, is work at your typical RV resort. We’ve stayed at quite a few though, and have met workampers there who are usually provided a pretty sweet site. Perhaps something like the very first place we ever stayed…

Premier RV  Resort, Salem Oregon

Premier RV Resort, Salem Oregon

Ever since we discovered workamping, however, we have preferred to work some not so typical jobs, which provided some less than typical accommodations. Our very fist job, workamping at an animal shelter for instance, included a rather rough set-up…

Safe Harbor Animal Rescue Workamping Site

Safe Harbor Animal Rescue Workamping Site

This pretty much prepared us for our second job as organic farm workampers, where the RV site was no site at all…

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Have I mentioned how much I enjoy workamping at Vickers Ranch because of the opportunity I get to do some creative woodworking projects? Yeah, I thought so, maybe once or twice. Well, here’s one I’m particularly proud of.

Vickers Ranch Handmade Log Fireplace Mantle

Last year, I arrived at the ranch in time to help install and finish a similar mantle my boss made. This year, I had the honor of doing the dirty work. So I thought I would share how to make a custom log fireplace mantle like this one I made at my favorite workamping job.

Ranch Workamping Job to Make Handmade Log Fireplace Mantle

Read on for tips, lots of photos, and plenty of fun with power tools!
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It’s turning out to be another happy workamping summer at Vickers Ranch!

One of the best things I like about workamping on the ranch, besides working with my crazy wife and a bunch of other fun folks, is the opportunity I get to be creative—with access to the tools I need to do just about anything.

Sure, ranch work is hard, but between repairing screen doors, troubleshooting toilets and washing Jeeps, I get to create fun projects like these handmade log slab benches…

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In case you missed it, we have published a new page to help answer any questions about workamping you may have!

Workamping Questions and Answers

After working as workampers at various different jobs, and writing about our workamping experiences, for more than seven years, we have added a Workamping Page here in the LiveWorkDream blog!

workamping question answers page

Got questions about workamping?

Ever wonder what workampers do? Well, that depends on the type of workamping job.

animal rescue workamping jo

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