In case you missed it, we have published a new page to help answer any questions about workamping you may have!

Workamping Questions and Answers

After working as workampers at various different jobs, and writing about our workamping experiences, for more than seven years, we have added a Workamping Page here in the LiveWorkDream blog!

workamping question answers page

Got questions about workamping?

Ever wonder what workampers do? Well, that depends on the type of workamping job.

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Utah is one of the prettiest, most awe-inspiring states in the country with so many free, gorgeous places to camp.

A Perfect Spot

A few weeks ago, we stayed in this lovely free spot for a week, only seeing the occasional off-roader. It was lovely and peaceful, even during the busy Memorial Day weekend.

Dixie National Forest boondocking

We were only about 15 minutes outside of Panguitch, a sleepy little town that caters to tourists. The last time we had been there was in 1995, when we looked like this:

Badass Bikers circa 1995

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We escaped the madness and debauchery of Las Vegas weeks ago, but are still suffering from a lingering hangover brought on by staying in a city with the constant din of sirens, shouting crazy people and endless traffic. Thankfully we managed to stay cheap in Vegas with our Passport America club membership and other cheapskate methods. Here’s how we did it.

I wonder why people are always shooting at other people? Hmmm…

(Not) Leaving Las Vegas

Before we rolled into Vegas (without guns blazing), our main Arctic Fox window spontaneously shattered during our stay in New Braunfels, Texas. It’s crazy, nobody knows why it happened. So, in addition to Jim speaking at the 2014 Blog Paws Conference in Vegas, the other reason we had to stick around Sin City was for a replacement window that was supposed to ship to the local Northwood dealer (the manufacturer of our Arctic Fox), within the first two weeks after our arrival.
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When we left Eureka, California in June 2007, we never wouldda imagined that seven years later, the road would go on forever (and the party would never end).

Jerry with Jim sporting his new trucker cap.

When we left, our Dodge Ram had 24,000 miles on it. Today it’s nearing 140,00 hard-driving, tow-haulin’, rock and rollin’ miles from the west to the east, north to south and back again. Oh the places this truck has seen!

And then there’s the Arctic Fox. Seven years later this 245N is holding strong and proof that it’s high resale value is worth every penny. I can’t say the same about some of the components that aren’t made by Northwood (more on that in an upcoming post), but for the most part this is one damn tough boondocking machine. We still love it, though we’re looking to get a slightly larger, 27′ Arctic Fox that can accommodate my growing jewelry business.

2007 Arctic Fox 245N almost as tough as Wyatt Ray

Finally, there’s us. Seventeen years married and still learning so much about life, each other, getting along in a small space and how to make the most of every day we have on this earth. The yin-yang groove is the way we roll and much like our permanent road trip, it’s a never-ending journey with unexpected twists that keep life interesting.

Jim, Rene & Wyatt: permanent tourists

The biggest lesson we’ve learned: The road CAN go on forever. Which path will you take today?

Cheers to 7 years full-time RVing!

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Anyone who thinks there’s nothing to see while driving across the Great State of Texas is a fool. If you look hard enough you can spend weeks visting oddball attractions in the Panhandle, like Jesus in a Box and Cadillac Ranch.

RV Pitstop at Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo Texas

Should you decide to venture far beyond the interstate, then an overnight stay in Littlefield is mandatory. This small dusty Panhandle town is just west of Lubbock. There’s not a lot to this place, which is probably why its most famous hometown hellraiser, Waylon Jennings, would tell folks he was from Lubbock.

Footprints of a Legend at Littlefield Texas City Park

Unlike our first Panhandle Pitstops road trip, this time we knew to slow down and stop to check out the only museum in America dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Waymore’s Drive-Thru Package Liquor Store and Waylon Jennings Museum.

Waymore’s Drive-Thru Package Liquor Store

As fans of both Outlaw country music and adult beverages, we were happy to stop and pay homage to one of the greatest musicians of all-time (yes, that’s right, now shaddup).

Waymore’s Drive-Thru Liquor Store LIttlefield Texas

This little family-run establishment was founded by Waylon’s brother James. On any given day you’ll find him, some other relative or friend of the family running the store and ready give to you a personalized tour.

Waylon Jennings’ first guitar

The day we arrived, Waylon’s niece was our hostess. She happily shared non-stop stories about his life and relatives with a lovely Texas twang that was so fast we only grasped about half of what she was telling us, but she was adorable nonetheless.

Clean-cut teenage Waylon Jennings: Who knew?!

Much of the collection was gathered from family garages and attics, some from e-Bay and some from who knows where. Capitalizing on the Outlaw music connection, they’ve even gathered cool relics like this custom stage jacket made just for Johnny Cash:

Can you feel the presence of The Man in Black?

There’s a pair of Waylon’s trademark “Flying W” boots. It’s obvious, don’t you think? Nobody can ever fill this cowboy’s shoes.

Boots Too Big to Ever Fill

Rumor has it that Waylon didn’t have a lot to do with Littlefield because of some feudin’ that happened between him and this side of his family at some point, but if there is some bad blood there, we didn’t get a sense of that at all.

Waylon Jennings Mural at the Drive-Thru Liquor Store

The cheapskate in me looking for signs that we were going to get hit up for money for this lovely tour. But nope, they weren’t asking for cash or trying to exploit their connection at all; this was just genuine friendliness from salt-of-the-earth people who are proud to be associated with Waylon.

Of course we couldn’t leave without buying something, so we picked up some cheap beer and thanked our lovely host for an unforgettable time.

Some people think Waylon deserves a fancy-pants memorial with more pizazz. After all, you can’t escape the irony of having a liquor store museum dedicated to a genius who died far too early from substance abuse issues. But so what, I say; Waylon was as real as it gets, and so is this one-of-a-kind Outlaw establishment.

IF YOU GO: Be sure to stop and stay at the free Waylon Jennings City Park. It has free RV camp sites for small to medium rigs, complete with water, electric and a dump station, all for a donation. And oh, it even has sanctioned horse-shoe competition courts!

Waylon Jennings City Park, LIttlefield Texas

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