There is a vacancy at Vickers Ranch.

Lake City Ranch Flag Half Mast for Perk Vickers

I know I’m not the first to ever write a tribute to Perk Vickers, and certainly I won’t be the last. But I can honestly say, I am honored to have met such an honorable man. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last night a ranch guest asked me “Are you still gypsying around?”  I said “Of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Need I say more?

The view from our RV in Lake City, Colorado

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Workampers have been all over the media lately and RVers are buzzing about the Harper’s Magazine article called “The End of Retirement: When You Can’t Afford to Stop Working.”

This week a few hot debates occurred in the We Love Workamping Facebook Group, mostly in agreement with my view that this article is pure sensationalism and misrepresents the full-time RVing lifestyle. One group member wrote to the author to share his own story, and she responded to his email with the following:

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Does Jim look like a decrepit, old workamper who’s down on his luck?

Workamper Jim creates a fireplace mantle for Vickers Ranch.

Sadly, the image of old, broke and destitute full-time RVing workampers is now being promoted all over TV, radio and the Internet.

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It’s been 56 days since we’ve had a cocktail. Our closet is crammed with all of our favorite booze, because we stocked up at Costco in Las Vegas before we came out here to the sticks. But we haven’t touched a drop.

What does this have to do with full-time RVing? A lot. I’ll get to that.  Meanwhile, we’ve been on the wagon, living like Mormons.

No gin and tonics.

We love Hendrick’s for Gin and Tonics

No margaritas.

When money’s no object, we love Republic Tequila.

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