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Two years after publishing our book about how to make money from home or on the road, we’re happy to announce that “Income, Anywhere!” is now available in a new and improved second edition.

Since strangers often assume that we’re either rich or retired, Jim and I first published Income, Anywhere! to set the record straight. We wanted to show others that living the full-time RVing lifestyle while you’re still young and non-retired doesn’t require a lot of money: all you need is the ability to think differently about how you can make money and keep it.

By keeping all of your options open and embracing new ways of generating revenue from multiple income streams, you can break the chains of traditional employment and live your dreams now, instead of waiting for a retirement that may never come.

Download Income, Anywhere! today!

More Resources, More Ways to Earn Money Anywhere

This new edition contains all new and updated resources for living from anywhere, including:

  • How to get out of debt, and stay on budget
  • Details about affiliate blogging and Pay Per Click advertising
  • Popular blogging platform options and how to choose
  • More ways to open an online store
  • The benefits of developing drop-ship relationships
  • How to find remote employment online
  • Etsy and other creative or craft marketplaces
  • Making money with Amazon, ClickBank and E-junkie
  • Warning signs of network marketing schemes and pyramid scams
  • How to identify legitimate revenue sharing companies
  • Even more Workamping and caretaking job resources!

Live Your Dream Life

This book is better than ever so if you haven’t already done so, we hope you’ll pick up a copy today. Income, Anywhere! is still available for just $9.95, or $4.95 if you utilize this $5 off coupon. For less than the price of a coffee and bagel, you can learn how to make money and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. If we can do it, so can you!

Download Income, Anywhere! today!

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Here’s a handy tip for anyone who has ever lost the cap to the freshwater supply inlet on their RV or trailer.

How to Fix Broken or Missing Freshwater Inlet Cap

  1. The cap from a Gatorade sport drink bottle will fit!

Lost your cap somehow? Grab a Gatorade and drink it down. Then screw the cap onto your freshwater supply to keep out debris and bugs.

This is a frugal fix, or temporary solution to keep your water fresh until you can replace the freshwater inlet cap on your RV.

Do you have any quick RV maintenance tips to share?

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We’ve had such positive feedback on our three part series about How To Prepare and Pay for the full-time RVing Lifestyle, that we’ve decided to make it available as a free download for convenient reading offline.

Download Free Fulltime RVing Planning Report

We hope you enjoy it and share this link with other full-timers to be who are still in the research and planning phase before hitting the road. But we believe even seasoned RVers can benefit from what we have to share.

Download Your Free Full-time RVing Planning Report Here.

If you have not yet read this series of blog posts, you can read it online here or download the PDF.

How To Prepare for Full-Time RVing Lifestyle, Part I

How to Plan for the Full-Time RVing Lifestyle, Part II

How to Pay for the Full-Time RV Lifestyle, Part III

Be sure to save the PDF to your hard drive! You can then read it offline anywhere, anytime. Click the links throughout the document for more helpful information online.

For complete details about how we’ve been making a living on the road for the past 7± years to support our nomadic lifestyle, consider downloading our popular remote home based business e-book, Income Anywhere!

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I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.

We’ve enjoyed boondocking for as long as we can ever since we hit the road in 2007. Early on, we discovered we can nearly double our freshwater capacity with collapsible water jugs. Getting that water into our freshwater tank, however, has always been a major hassle. Until now.

Watch this quick video and learn how to easily modify your RV plumbing system to use the water pump for filling the freshwater tank from any external source.

YouTube Preview Image

How To Modify RV Water Pump to Fill Freshwater Tank

Filling our freshwater tank from collapsible 5 gallon jugs was always a two-person job—we would both get wet, tired and frustrated. Never again.

By adding a few tee valve connectors to our water supply lines in the compartment with our pump, I am now able to easily and quickly add fresh water to our tank from any container, by myself, without getting in a fight.

The hardest part was figuring out where those valves should go. So here, I’ve done that for you.

NOTE: Our fifth wheel came with a tee-valve and tube intended for use when winterizing the rig. By turning the switch, the attached hose could be inserted into a jug of antifreeze. We never used that, though we sure should have at least once. But it was the inspiration for this mod I made!

1. Fill Tube

If your RV does not have a winterization bypass hose, you can easily insert a tee valve in between the the input side of the pump and the freshwater tank, and attach a short length of flexible hose.

2. Bypass Valve

Insert another tee valve into the output hose coming from the pump to the pressurized water lines.

3. Redirect Valve

Finally, add a valve to redirect water back into the tank via the pressure relief hose on top.

4. Power Supply

Run wire from the nearest DC power source and splice it into the positive side of the pump’s power supply. Add a rocker switch so you can turn the pump on and off without shouting at to someone inside the RV.

Tips for Modifying RV Water Pump to Fill Freshwater Tank

Measure carefully! Be sure to match your existing hose diameter to the new tee valve fittings and any extra hose you purchase.

Always use braided hose or Pex tubing for the pressurized side of your RV freshwater system. Clear PVC hose may be used for the input side, and is easier to curl and stow when not in use.

Spend a few extra cents and invest in high quality hose clamps.

WARNING: One of the weaker clamps I first used popped off a connection with a loud “pop” noise and instant running of the water pump. Luckily we were home! I immediately realized what had happened, shut off the pump and ran outside to clean up the mess that could have been much worse. Another reason to always shut off your RV water supply when you’re not home.

Secure hose clamps tightly using a wrench rather than screwdriver.

Turn off water pump at inside switch before operating new switch installed at pump.

Always open the freshwater supply inlet cap to prevent pressure build-up when filling tank.

Turn off switch at pump and remember to return tee valves to proper position for default functioning of freshwater system after filling tank.

Any questions?

Manual Alternative for filling RV Freshwater Tank from Jugs

If you want to get a workout and don’t mind getting a little wet, or you don’t feel like cutting into your RV’s freshwater plumbing, here is everything you’ll need to make a gadget like we used for years. Place the Water Bandit on a large mouth funnel and attach a fill tube. Have someone hold the funnel, hoist the collapsible 5 gallon jugs, and be patient!

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NOTE: This contest has ended. Read on for details about this book or find it on Amazon.

Hitting the road as a full-time RVer isn’t that hard. Keeping the dream going can be if you don’t know how to support your full-time RVing lifestyle.

A new book, “So, You Want to be a Workamper” by John and Kathy Huggins is a handy guide for introducing new RVers to the world of road work.

Win a free copy of this book!
Exclusive to Workampers Facebook Group Members.
Read on for details.

The Workamping Basics

As young, non-retired full-timers, Jim and I discovered that the best way to support a full-time RVing lifestyle is to juggle several income streams at once. Early in our travels we were introduced to the world of workamping by two kind campground hosts and since then we’ve been working our way across America at paid and volunteer workamping opportunities.

But as I discovered in the Huggins’ book, there’s still a lot we don’t know about making the most of workamping opportunities.

Read more reviews on Amazon:
So You Want To Be A Workamper?

For example, this succinct 75-page guide clearly explains the basics of working on the road but it’s also packed with lesser-known tips like how obtaining a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license from the National Swimming Pool Foundation makes you far more employable and worth more money at campgrounds needing pool maintenance crews.

Huggins’ book also clearly explains the ins and outs of applying for work at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, which was a total mystery to us.

So, You Want to be a Workamper presents dozens of ways you can find unpaid workamping jobs through well-known organizations like Workamper News.

Free Workamper News Issue to New Subscribers!

It also shares job hunting strategies with lesser-known groups that you may not be familiar with, such as Forever Resorts, a concessionaire to the National Park Service.

You’ll also enjoy a general overview of different ways to make money by utilizing your skills, hobbies and interests.

The book provides generous tips for how to create income by doing everything from becoming a mobile RV technician to auctioning items on eBay and becoming a tour guide.

What I love most about this book is Huggins’ honesty, which accurately reflects our experiences during almost seven years of full-time RV travel:

“You will not get rich workamping, and you most likely will not find a career doing this work, but it is honest work that needs to be done. You can supplement other income streams with workamping to stretch your camping budget.”

About the only thing I don’t like about the book are the far too complicated URLs included in the copy (using or TinyURL links would have been more helpful). But if you’re looking for a great introduction to the world of workamping and road work, pick up a copy of So, You Want to be a Workamper today!

Win a Free Copy!

Members of the Workampers Facebook Group can win a free copy of So, You Want to be a Workamper!

If you’re not already a member, join the Workampers Facebook Group then like and share the post announcing this review. One winner will be selected at random from those who like and share the post before Monday, February 10. U.S. residents only please.

  1. Join the Workampers Facebook Group.
  2. Find the post announcing this book review.
  3. Click Like and Share the post.

Winner will be notified via Facebook private message. Check the “Other” tab in your inbox after 5:00pm on Monday February 10, 2014.

Like AND share the Workampers Facebook Group link to this post for your chance to win a free copy!

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