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Are high gas and diesel prices causing you to re-think your RV road trip itinerary? If so, consider workamping, which could save you hundreds of dollars on yearly travel costs. Workamping is a smart way for full-time RVers to save money on camping fees and RV park costs, and Workamper News is the best place to get started.

Workamper News has given us a world of education about how to find the best workamping jobs – these are opportunities that allow RVers to trade a specified number of hours each week at a RV park, resort or other establishment, in exchange for free rent and other perks, like free hot springs soaks.

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Why Subscribe to Workamper News?

After becoming Workamper News members and attending events like the Workamper Rendezvous and the Florida Job Fair, we learned :

  • how to make our workamping resumes more attractive to prospective employers
  • tips for creating an advantageous workamping arrangement
  • which jobs work best for our personalities and experiences
  • where to find the best workamping jobs to fit our travel plans
  • how to create a lifestyle built around workamping and running a small business from our RV

By joining Workamper, which costs as little as $ 33 per year, we have access to the number one job hunting method for RVers: a daily New Jobs Hotline and a monthly print magazine, Workamper News.

Join Workamper and Save

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  • Enroll for one, two or three years and get a free issue.
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How to get your free Workamper News:

  1. Free Workamper News with Promo Code AGRE6207Visit the Workamper News subscription page at:
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Workamper News Promo Code AGRE6207

Workamper News Helps You Live Your Road Trip Dream

If you’re worried that committing to a workamping job means losing your full-time RVing freedom, think again. When you workamp, you:

  • Save money, which helps pay for upcoming travel plans
  • Become better acquainted with an area, which you may want to re-visit some other time
  • Can always turn the key and leave if you don’t like it

Our workamping jobs have given us amazing and fun experiences.

From working on an organic farm, to herding cats at an animal rescue, to our favorite recurring assignment at Vickers Dude Ranch, our workamper membership has helped fund our nomadic lifestyle and keep our wheels turning.

We all need to save more money, especially as gas and diesel prices escalate daily. If you’re looking for better ways to keep your wheels turning, give Workamper News a try, and use Promo Code AGRE6207 to tell ‘em we sent you!

More Workamping Resources

For more helpful books, DVDs, and other resources to learn how to support your RVing lifestyle, check out the Workamper News bookstore!

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6 Responses to “Free Workamper News Issue Keeps Your Wheels Turning”

  1. Dennis and Connie July 22, 2012 at 1:18 pm Reply

    We hope to move to the Flathead Valley MT….any ideas on locating an RV Park managers position?/ We have no RV so need small living quarters!

    E mail NOT receiving …fixed soon!!

    • Thanks for the comment Dennis, good luck finding workamping positions that offer housing. They do exist, but are very rare, the only I’ve heard of were with Federal parks (years ago), most of which have closed or had their budgets slashed.

      PS: We’ve deleted your comment with the phone number so it will not be publicized in perpetuity. Happy Travels!

  2. Eric Auckerman March 6, 2012 at 3:25 pm Reply

    C’mon man, I get we all have to do what we have to do, but milking a
    Labrador retriever? Tell me it ain’t so?

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